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The Anticipated Sequel: A Dive into “White Chicks 2” Release Buzz

The Anticipated Sequel: A Dive into “White Chicks 2” Release Buzz

Nov 1, 2023

Ever since the comedic sensation “White Chicks” hit the big screens in 2004, fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Fast forward to 2023, and the buzz around “White Chicks 2” has intensified, with key cast members and the Wayans Brothers hinting at a possible sequel. Here’s a compilation of what we know so far about the anticipated “White Chicks 2”.

Possible Reunion: Wayans Brothers Open Up

In recent conversations, the Wayans brothers have expressed their willingness to reprise their roles, given certain conditions are met. Marlon Wayans, during an interview on Revolt’s “Drink Champs” in early 2023, mentioned that he would be on board for a sequel if it involves him and his brother Shawn Wayans. Marlon’s willingness hints at a possible reunion that could set the stage for “White Chicks 2″​​.

The Poster Teaser: Adding Fuel to the Fire

On May 16, 2023, a tweet surfaced allegedly displaying a poster for “White Chicks 2”, amplifying the discussions around the sequel. Although the tweet stirred excitement, the authenticity of the poster and the confirmation of the sequel remained under wraps​2​.

Terry Crews’ Confirmation: A Glimmer of Hope?

Terry Crews, known for his memorable role in the original movie, had earlier revealed that a sequel was in the works. However, the deal wasn’t finalized as of then, which kept the fans on their toes. Despite the delay, the ongoing discussions among the cast and the studio depict a positive picture​​.

Projected Release: A Waiting Game

As per some sources, if shooting kicks off by 2023, we might see “White Chicks 2” gracing the big screens by the end of 2024. However, this timeline is speculative and hinges on several factors including the finalization of the cast, script, and studio agreements​​. Tiil the exact time you may also enjoy Dalgliesh Season 3

Cast Ensemble: Who’s Returning?

It’s largely anticipated that Shawn and Marlon Wayans would return to lead the cast. Additionally, Terry Crews and Busy Phillips have shown interest in reprising their roles. The return of these original cast members is likely to reignite the humor and camaraderie that made “White Chicks” a hit​​.


The roller-coaster journey towards the realization of “White Chicks 2” continues to both excite and test the patience of fans. While the sequel remains unconfirmed, the collective desire from the cast and the audience might just be the push needed to bring “White Chicks 2” to life. Until then, the speculations and discussions keep the hope alive, painting a promising picture of what could be another comedic masterpiece in the making.

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