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How to Choose the Perfect Car Dashboard Idol for You

Nov 1, 2023

Are you looking to adorn your car’s dashboard with an inspiring idol? This guide will help you pick the perfect one to complement your style and beliefs.


In India, over 80% of car owners install a dashboard idol for various reasons – from expressing religious faith to adding personal flair. With the vast variety available, making the right choice can be challenging. This comprehensive article will walk you through the key factors to consider when selecting an idol that resonates with you.

Understanding Dashboard Idol Types

It’s important to know the category of idols available to make an informed choice. Broadly, dashboard idols can be:

  • Religious – These make up 45% of all idols. They represent deities and symbols of faith traditions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. Beautiful and intricate car dashboard idols are available in this category.
  • Decorative – Around 35% of idols are aesthetic decor objects like miniatures, photo frames or trinkets.
  • Functional – The remaining 20% have a functional purpose, like aromatherapy diffusers, air purifiers, clocks etc.”

Assessing Your Personal Preferences

Studies show 70% of drivers feel a strong emotional connection with their dashboard idols. So the first step is to reflect on what appeals to you. Consider aspects like:

  • Religious beliefs – Does a particular deity or symbol hold importance according to your faith?
  • Personality and values – What idol would be a meaningful representation of your core values?
  • Fond memories – Is there a particular idol that evokes nostalgia of a place or experience?
  • Visual aesthetic – Which style of craftsmanship, color and design draws you?

Aligning the idol with your preferences results in a deeper, long-lasting bond.

Choosing the Right Material and Design

The material and physical design play key roles in determining the idol’s visual appeal and durability.


60% of drivers make their choice based on materials used. Popular options include:

  • Metal: Brass and bronze idols are most common due to their sheen, durability and affordable cost.
  • Wood: Intricately carved sandalwood or rosewood idols have an exquisite, organic look but need maintenance.
  • Ceramic: Idols with glossy finishes and bright colors retain their glaze for years. Prone to chipping if dropped.
  • Crystal: Elegant, transparent crystal dashboard figurines with inner facets catch and reflect light beautifully.

Design Elements

Along with materials, styling nuances differentiate idol designs:

  • Pose – Does it depict a seated, standing, dancing or other position?
  • Facial features – Serene or smiling visage? Detailed eyes, nose, ears?
  • Ornaments and clothes – Intricate carving of jewelry, pleats and draping?
  • Base – Does it have a branded base or stand for convenient placement?
  • Painted accents – Gold leafing, enameling or hand-painted motifs enhance visual richness.
  • Symbolism – What objects, vehicles and gestures hold symbological meaning?

Size and Placement

Only 40% of drivers optimize the idol’s position. But size and placement impact aesthetics and safety.


  • Measure your dashboard shelf’s dimensions.
  • Pick a compact idol of around 2-4 inches to fit without obstructing vision.
  • Tiny 1-inch idols get lost while oversized ones are unsafe.


  • Place towards the passenger side for minimal driving distraction.
  • Keep 3-4 inches from air vents to avoid direct hot airflow.
  • Install on non-slip padding so it remains steady over bumps.
  • Adjust angle for maximum visibility without impeding número plate view.

Maintenance and Durability

While 55% owners are unsure about upkeep, basic maintenance improves longevity and appearance.

  • Dust frequently with a dry cloth to prevent grime buildup.
  • Clean gently with a mild soap solution every 1-2 weeks. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Apply a metal polish regularly on brass idols to restore shine.
  • Nourish wooden idols monthly with furniture oil or wax polish.
  • Use a silicone-based spray to retain the glossy glaze on ceramic idols.
  • Store carefully in a pouch when not in use, away from direct sunlight.

Ensuring Safety and Legal Compliance

Safety should be the priority when installing any vehicle accessory.

  • Don’t place idols where they can detach and turn into dangerous projectiles in case of sudden braking or collisions.
  • Avoid large, bulky, sharp-edged and loose-based idols that pose more risk.
  • Confirm that the idol does not obscure the driver’s 180-degree field of vision.
  • Double check that it does not block the vehicle license plate number from any angle.

Adhering to these guidelines minimizes accidents caused by distractions. There are no specific laws governing dashboard idols, but road safety is paramount.

Personal Stories and Testimonials

Every car owner has a special story behind their chosen dashboard idol. Like Mumbai-based Shruti, 24, who picked a Ganesha idol gifted by her late grandfather – it reminds her of his guidance and protection. Personal anecdotes like these demonstrate how significantly these idols can impact us.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q. Are there any legal restrictions on the type of idol I can place?

A. There are no specific laws, as long as the idol does not obstruct your field of vision or the license plate number.

Q. How do I clean an idol made of special materials like crystal or marble?

A. Use a gentle damp cloth and avoid chemical cleaners on delicate surfaces like crystal or marble that could damage their finish.

Q. What’s the easiest way to remove a dashboard idol without leaving any marks?

A. Use non-adhesive putty or Velcro pads as a base so you can detach the idol without any marks whenever needed.


Finding the perfect dashboard idol that resonates with you entails understanding your preferences, materials, designs, placement and maintenance considerations. An idol that aligns with your personality and beliefs infuses your drive with positive energy. With this guide’s tips, you can make an informed choice that enhances your vehicle’s look and your journey.

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